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Volume XXIII, issue 3, - 2017

Disponibilidad a pagar por el mejoramiento en el tratamiento de aguas residuales: aplicación del método de valoración contingente en Puno, Perú
Willingness to pay for improvements in wastewater treatment: application of the contingent valuation method in Puno, Peru

Juan Walter Tudela-Mamani

Received: 2016-11-09

Accepted: 2017-05-30

Available online: 2017-07-01 / pages.-


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    Introduction: The collapse of the "El Espinar" Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) in Puno, Peru, has resulted in much of the wastewater being discharged into Lake Titicaca’s Inner Bay, generating pollution and loss of well-being in the population.  Objective: To estimate the willingness to pay (WTP) for improvements in the wastewater treatment system in Puno, Peru.  Materials and methods: WTP was estimated through data obtained in a survey of 393 heads-of-household. The contingent valuation method’s linear and logarithmic models, with referendum and double-bounded questions, were used. Results and discussion: A mean WTP of 4.38 PEN (1.46 USD) per household was estimated. WTP was affected by socioeconomic variables related to the household budget, educational level and geographical location of the home. Residents of the southern zone, the main area affected by the pollution caused by the wastewater discharge, have higher WTP than those living in the city’s central and northern areas.  Conclusion: Despite the belief in the low-payment culture, users are willing to pay if the benefits are obvious. With respect to the models used, the double-bounded model had greater theoretical consistency of results.

    Keyworks: Logit model, referendum model, double-bounded model, maximum likelihood.

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    &  Tudela-Mamani, J. W. (2017).  Willingness to pay for improvements in wastewater treatment: application of the contingent valuation method in Puno, Peru. , XXIII(3), -.

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