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Revista Chapingo Serie Ciencias Forestales y del Ambiente
Volume XXIII, issue 1, January - April 2017

Metanálisis para el volumen de Pinus sylvestris en Europa
Meta-analysis for the volume of Pinus sylvestris in Europe

Kyriaki Kitikidou; Elias Milios; Stylianos Katsogridakis

Received: 2015-11-16

Accepted: 2016-09-15

Available online: 2016-11-28 / pages.22-34


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  • descriptionAbstract

    Systematic reviews are important tools for objective literature research, composition and critical analysis of variant studies results, with an excellent contribution in clarifying issues and searching for new research directions. This study aims the systematic review of independent studies of volume estimation for Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) in Europe. A meta-analysis of individual tree volume estimation models was performed. The stages of meta-analysis, statistical methods, possible errors arising, and heterogeneity that occur among studies are described in detail. Results showed that Italy is clearly distinguished (volumes are too small), Greece and Sweden present large volumes, and there is great heterogeneity among studies, probably due to different competition conditions created in stands in different countries of Europe, not different climate. More research could be useful in Italy, and in Greece, a study with a larger sample size could contribute to the promotion of research.

    Keyworks: Forest productivity, individual tree volume, scots pine, systematic review
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    Kitikidou, K., Milios, E., &  Katsogridakis, S. (2017).  Meta-analysis for the volume of Pinus sylvestris in Europe. Revista Chapingo Serie Ciencias Forestales y del Ambiente, XXIII(1), 22-34.