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Revista Chapingo Serie Ciencias Forestales y del Ambiente
Volume XXIII, issue 3, September - December 2017

Crecimiento miceliar in vitro de hongos comestibles silvestres de alta montaña en el centro de México
In vitro mycelial growth of wild edible mushrooms from the central Mexican highlands

César Díaz-Talamantes; Cristina Burrola-Aguilar; Xóchitl Aguilar-Miguel; Gerardo Mata

Received: 2016-12-18

Accepted: 2017-07-14

Available online: 2017-07-30 / pages.369-383


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  • descriptionAbstract

    Introduction: Wild edible mushrooms are considered functional foods of high culinary value; their demand has increased in recent years.
    Objective: The mycelial growth of Bovista aestivalis, Infundibulicybe squamulosa, I. gibba, Gymnopus dryophilus and Lycoperdon perlatum was evaluated to identify species susceptible to culture.
    Materials and methods: Mycelial growth rate (GR) and biomass were determined at 18 and 25 °C in solid and liquid culture media and in seed supplemented with Pinus patula needles. Metabolic activity (Ma) was quantified in the supplemented seed using the fluorescein diacetate (FDA) technique.
    Results and discussion: Gymnopus dryophilus and L. perlatum showed better mycelial development. In solid medium, the optimal treatment for both species was maize agar at 18 ° C. The G. dryophilus GR was 2.2 mm·d-1 with 70 mg biomass; the L. perlatum GR was 2.0 mm·d-1 with 30 mg biomass. In liquid culture, the G. dryophilus GR was 0.11 g·d-1 and for L. perlatum it was 0.12 g·d-1. In supplemented sorghum, G. dryophilus had Ma of 61.5 µg of FDA·g-1 of substrate and a GR of 1.18 mm·d-1; L. perlatum recorded 23.6 µg of FDA·g-1 and a GR of 0.68 mm·d-1. 
    Conclusion: The G. dryophilus strain is susceptible to culture.

    Keyworks: Sorghum, Gymnopus dryophilus, Lycoperdon perlatum, maize agar, pine needle agar.
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    Díaz-Talamantes, C., Burrola-Aguilar, C., Aguilar-Miguel, X., &  Mata, G. (2017).  In vitro mycelial growth of wild edible mushrooms from the central Mexican highlands. Revista Chapingo Serie Ciencias Forestales y del Ambiente, XXIII(3), 369-383.