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Volume XXIV, issue 1, - 2018

Relación altura-diámetro en tres especies cultivadas en una plantación forestal comercial en el Este tropical de México
Diameter-height relationships in three species grown together in a commercial forest plantation in eastern tropical Mexico

Epigmenio Castillo-Gallegos; Jesús Jarillo-Rodríguez.; Ramiro Escobar-Hernández

Received: 2017-05-15

Accepted: 2017-11-12

Available online: 2017-12-22 / pages.33-48


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  • descriptionAbstract

    Introduction: Chest-height trunk diameter and height are the main variables measured in forestry inventories, as they aid in the decision-making process in forest plantation management and in research on growth modeling, among other uses. Objective: The aim was to find the mathematical function that best relates diameter at chest height (CHD, ≈1.3 m) to height (Ht) in three forest species grown within the same area: wild avocado (Cinnamomum sp.), Chiapas white pine (Pinus chiapensis [Martínez] Andresen) and piocho (Melia azedarach L.).  Materials and methods: Twenty-two non-linear models, of which thirteen had two parameters and nine had three parameters, were compared using the difference in Akaike’s information criterion corrected (AICc).  Results and discussion: The best models were: the two-parameter hyperbola for wild avocado (Ht = (17.58*CHD)/(12.33 + CHD), R2 = 0.79, SEE = 0.80, n = 647); the three-parameter Richards’ function for Chiapas white pine (Ht = 10.14*(1 – e-0.206*CHD)1.689, R2 = 0.35, SEE = 1.28,  n = 664); and the three-parameter sigmoid Korf’s function for piocho (Ht = 18.25*(e-2.46*(CHD-0.556)), R2 = 0.49, SEE = 0.96, n = 692).  Conclusion: The best model was different for each species and the actual data around the predicted curve were highly scattered, particularly in Chiapas white pine.

    Keyworks: Non-linear models, Cinnamomum sp., Pinus chiapensis, Melia azedarach, tropics

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    Castillo-Gallegos, E., Jarillo-Rodríguez., J., &  Escobar-Hernández, R. (2018).  Diameter-height relationships in three species grown together in a commercial forest plantation in eastern tropical Mexico. , XXIV(1), 33-48.