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Volume XXIV, issue 1, - 2018

Reservorios y dinámica de nutrientes en dos rodales bajo aprovechamiento de Pinus montezumae Lamb. en Tlaxcala, México
Reservoirs and nutrient dynamics in two stands of Pinus montezumae Lamb. in Tlaxcala, Mexico

Norma F. Lopez-Escobar; Armando Gómez-Guerrero; Alejandro Velázquez-Martínez; Aurelio M. Fierros-González; Luis U. Castruita-Esparza; José A. G. Vera-Castillo

Received: 2017-09-05

Accepted: 2017-11-24

Available online: 2017-12-22 / pages.115-129


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    Introduction: Nutrient cycle studies are important to propose sustainable methods in forestry. Objectives: To evaluate the reservoirs of N, P, K, Ca and Mg in trees, litter and mineral soil of two managed stands of Pinus montezumae Lamb.; estimate the decomposition rate of litter; and quantify the annual amount of nutrients required for tree growth. Materials and methods: The study was conducted in Nanacamilpa, Tlaxcala. The biomass and mass of nutrients in trunk, branches and leaves were estimated with a destructive sampling of 10 trees. Results and discussion: Dasometric data, reservoirs and nutrient dynamics were similar in both stands (t, P > 0.05). In mineral soil, the contents of N, P, K, Ca and Mg were 5 419, 68, 1 245, 9 163 and 2 029 kg·ha-1, respectively; and in aerial biomass were 242, 12, 28, 167 and  118 kg·ha-1, respectively. The decomposition rate of leaf-litter was -0.335. Trees require 73 to 81 kg·ha-1·year-1 of N, 5.2 to 5.3 kg·ha-1·year-1 of P and 9.4 to 10 kg·ha-1·year-1 of K to grow.  Conclusion: Soil nutrients could maintain forest growth for 256 years, but P could be a limiting factor if sustainable harvest practices change.

    Keyworks: Nutrient cycle, forest harvesting, forest management, pine forests

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    Lopez-Escobar, N. F.,  Gómez-Guerrero, A., Velázquez-Martínez, A., Fierros-González, A. M.,  Castruita-Esparza, L. U.,  &  Vera-Castillo, J. A. (2018).  Reservoirs and nutrient dynamics in two stands of Pinus montezumae Lamb. in Tlaxcala, Mexico. , XXIV(1), 115-129.