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Volume XXIV, issue 3, - 2018

Funciones ambientales de las clases de tierras campesinas: Reserva de la Biosfera Zicuirán-Infiernillo, México
Environmental functions of smallholder farmer land classes in the Zicuirán-Infiernillo Biosphere Reserve, Mexico

Cutzi Bedolla-Ochoa; Francisco Bautista; Ángeles Gallegos-Tavera

Received: 2017-09-21

Accepted: 2018-05-02

Available online: 2018-05-08 / pages.265-274


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  • descriptionAbstract

    Introduction: There are few cases in which the environmental functions of soils have been quantitatively evaluated using data from soil profile descriptions.
    Objective: The environmental functions of seven peasants land classes (Barrosa, Polvilla, Charanda, Tocura, Cementante, Polvilla/Barrosa and Polvilla/Charanda) in the Zicuirán-Infiernillo biosphere, Mexico, were evaluated in order to propose a more rational use of the soils.
    Materials and methods: Soil & Environment® software was used to evaluate the soil function in the water cycle, food and biomass production, nutrient cycle, habitat for flora and fauna, habitat for human life and torrential rainfall infiltration.
    Results and discussion: The Barrosa land class, distributed in the valley, has the most suitable environmental levels, followed by the Polvilla-Barrosa class with very high capacity in terms of torrential rainfall infiltration, and the Tocura and Polvilla-Charanda classes with high suitability in the same environmental function. Next is the Charanda class, suitable for the production of food and biomass and as a component of the nutrient cycle; finally, with more restricted suitability, in general terms, there is the Polvilla class that stands out as a flora and fauna habitat.
    Conclusion: The Barrosa and Charanda land classes have the greatest potential as food and biomass producers, and as a component of the nutrient cycle; however, these classes correspond to the area with the largest human settlements, which could cause problems in the supply of agricultural and livestock products.

    Keyworks: soil profile; Barrosa class; Charanda class; soil suitability; soil functions

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    Bedolla-Ochoa, C., Bautista, F., &  Gallegos-Tavera, Á. (2018).  Environmental functions of smallholder farmer land classes in the Zicuirán-Infiernillo Biosphere Reserve, Mexico. , XXIV(3), 265-274.