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Revista Chapingo Serie Ciencias Forestales y del Ambiente
Volume XXV, issue 1, January - April 2019

Diagrama de manejo de la densidad para los bosques mezclados de la región de El Salto, Durango
Density management diagram for mixed-species forests in the El Salto region,Durango, Mexico

Reyna S. Cabrera-Pérez; Sacramento Corral-Rivas; Gerónimo Quiñonez-Barraza; Juan A. Nájera-Luna; Francisco Cruz-Cobos; Víctor H. Calderón-Leal

Received: 2018-03-26

Accepted: 2018-09-12

Available online: 2018-09-18 / pages.17-29


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  • descriptionAbstract

    Introduction: Density management diagrams (DMDs) are useful tools for characterizing andmanaging stand density.
    Objective: To develop a DMD to schedule thinnings in the natural mixed-species forests of theEl Salto region, Durango.
    Materials and methods: The data were collected in 441 temporary sampling plots in 263 mixed-species stands with mainly species of the Pinus and Quercus genus. The DMD was based on theHart-Becking   index   and   a   relationship   of   two   allometric   equations:   1)   the   quadratic   meandiameter (dg, cm) with the density (N, trees·ha−1) and dominant height (Hd, m), and 2) the volume(V,  m3·ha−1) with the  dg,  Hd  and  N. In fitting equations, the ordinary Nonlinear Least Squares(NLS) method was used simultaneously. The maximum density limit was estimated by potentialquantile regression that related N to Hd.
    Results and discussion: Efficient goodness-of-fit statistics were reported in the fitted models, interms of Root Mean Square Error (2.29) and coefficient of determination (0.86). The DMDsuggests applying thinnings below the maximum density line to avoid mortality. Through theDMD it is possible to evaluate different silvicultural alternatives, schedule thinnings, maximizegrowth space, promote tree growth and improve forest products.
    Conclusion: The DMD developed is useful for thinning scheduling to obtain saw-timber atrotation age

    Keyworks: hinning; dominant height; maximum density; Hart-Becking index; quantileregression
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    Cabrera-Pérez, R. S.,  Corral-Rivas, S., Quiñonez-Barraza, G., Nájera-Luna, J. A.,  Cruz-Cobos, F., &  Calderón-Leal, V. H. (2019).  Density management diagram for mixed-species forests in the El Salto region,Durango, Mexico. Revista Chapingo Serie Ciencias Forestales y del Ambiente, XXV(1), 17-29.