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Volume VI, issue 1, - 2000

VARIACIÓN DE LAS PROPIEDADES FÍSICAS DE LA MADERA EN UN ÁRBOL DE Abies religiosa Y DE Pinus ayacahuite var. veitchii
VARIATION IN PHYSICAL PROPERTIES OF Abies religiosa and Pinus ayacahuite var. veitchii WOOD

José R. Goche-Télles; Mario Fuentes-Salinas; Amparo Borja-de la Rosa; H. Ramírez-Maldonado

Received: 0000-00-00

Accepted: 0000-00-00

Available online: / pages.83-92


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  • descriptionAbstract

    This work analyzes transverse (pith-bark) and longitudinal (base-crown) variation in tracheid length, basic density, moisture content, volumetric and lineal shrinkage of wood from Abies religiosa (H.B.K.) Schl. Et Cham and Pinus ayacahuite var. veitchii Shaw trees. Cross-sections of the trunks were cut every 1.30 m from the base up and each of the sections was cut into blocks of five growth rings in north-south and east-west directions. The results were analyzed with the Schumacher growth model and a linear regression model. Transversally, the two species showed similar results for tracheid length and shrinkage, with pith increasing toward the bark. Longitudinally, no definite tendency was found. Basic density and moisture content did not show defined behavior in either direction or species.

    Keyworks: Wood variations, tracheid length, basic density, shrinkage in woo
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    Goche-Télles, J. R.,  Fuentes-Salinas, M., Borja-de la Rosa, A., &  Ramírez-Maldonado, H. (2000).  VARIATION IN PHYSICAL PROPERTIES OF Abies religiosa and Pinus ayacahuite var. veitchii WOOD. , VI(1), 83-92.