Ingeniería Agrícola y Biosistemas Volume 3, issue 1, January - June 2011 Versión en español
Electronic ISSN: 2007-4026
Print ISSN: 2007-3925


Vol.3, núm.1January - June2011

Animal fat replacement with vegetal pumpkin seed fat in meat batters

Sustitución de grasa animal por una manteca de semilla de calabaza en batidos cárnicos

Irma Natalia Rivera-Ruiz; Alfonso Totosaus

Received: 2010-11-06

Accepted: 2011-06-28

Available online: 2011-06-30 /pág.11-16


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  • descriptionAbstract

    50 % of animal fat (pork lard) was replaced with pumpkin seed butter mixed with inulin, starch or without any of these ingredients, in order to establish the effect on physicochemical properties, instrumental color and meat batter textures. Moisture, yield, expressible moisture, cooking stability of the different treatments, as well as fat total and fat released were established. Instrumental color was established in Lab coordinates. Textural differences were observed performing a textural profile analysis. Cooked meat batters yield was improve by a partial replacement of animal fat with pumpkin seed butter, but water could not be physically or chemically retained in the meat systems. Pumpkin seed butter with starch released more fat after re-heating the product despite its low fat content. Pumpkin seed butter changed meat batters color, becoming darker and yellow. The texture of the pumpkin seed butter with inulin or starch were less hard and cohesive compared with pork lard samples. In order to improve yield and moisture, it is suggested to replace animal fat with pumpkin seed butter mixed with inulin, producing less hard and cohesive samples. Pumpkin seed butter is a functional ingredient that improves nutritional properties of this kind of foodstuffs.

    Keyworks: Meat batters, fat replacement, inulin, starch.

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    Rivera-Ruiz, I. N.,  &  Totosaus, A. (2011).   Animal fat replacement with vegetal pumpkin seed fat in meat batters . , 3(1), 11-16.