Ingeniería Agrícola y Biosistemas Volume 3, issue 1, January - June 2011 Versión en español
Electronic ISSN: 2007-4026
Print ISSN: 2007-3925


Vol.3, núm.1January - June2011

Optimization of hybrid energy system for rural electrification of indigenous communities in México

Optimización de sistemas híbridos de energía para la electrificación rural de comunidades indígenas de México

Rodrigo Pérez-Ramírez; Artemio Pérez-López; Juan C. Martínez-Arremilla

Received: 2010-10-20

Accepted: 2011-06-20

Available online: 2011-06-30 /pág.33-39


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    Hybrid energy systems are an excellent solution for electrification of remote rural areas where grid extension is not easy and expensive. Such sys¬tem incorporates a combination of one or several renewable energy sources such as solar photovoltaic, wind energy, micro-hydro and conventional generators for backup. The present paper discusses different system components of hybrid energy system and develops a general model to find an optimal combination of energy components for a typical rural community, minimizing capital cost, net present value and cost of energy. The simula¬tion study and the optimization of hybrid energy system are based on a computer program known as HOGA, as simulation tool. From the economic analysis, the different types of system configuration were established. Optimal operation has a unit cost of 0.23 € kW 1 h 1 with the selected hybrid energy system, being 100 % renewable energy contribution, finishing with the need of a conventional diesel generator. Results from the study will be useful to help decision making and to choose the most appropriate system for the communities

    Keyworks: Hybrid systems; renewable energy; HOGA, rural electrification.

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    Pérez-Ramírez, R., Pérez-López, A., &  Martínez-Arremilla, J. C. (2011).   Optimization of hybrid energy system for rural electrification of indigenous communities in México . , 3(1), 33-39.